Vaira’s European Skin Care

Vaira's Post 04102016-1Beauty isn’t just skin deep…it’s also an attitude! At Vaira’s European Skin Care , how you look is how you feel. And every client is honored with a holistic skin care experience that helps to maintain harmony and balance of body, mind, and spirit.

One of Norwalk’s best skin care facilities, Vaira’s European Skin Care believes every single person deserves to look and feel beautiful, healthy, and happy. That’s why every customer receives personalized skin care treatments, which starts with a relationship built on trust and understanding of each client’s desires and needs. Every product is carefully selected and contains only natural, organic ingredients. This ensures a pure beauty experience in a safe, non-toxic atmosphere.

At Vaira’s European Skin Care, clients can expect innovative technologies, the highest quality products, and an unparalleled expertise in European skin rejuvenation techniques.

Clients can get exciting, beautifying treatments, such as:

  • Hydrafacials that provide hydration while deep cleaning, exfoliating, and extracting.
  • Skin tightening featuring Venus Freeze, a cutting-edge technology for tightening skin and reducing cellulite.
  • Deep back cleansing, which eliminates impurities in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Milk and honey body polish that uses natural milk proteins and honey to revive skin.
  • Therapeutic foot treatments made with paraffin wax to help improve circulation, relieve tension, and sooth rough, dry skin.
  • Full-body waxing to eliminate unsightly and unwanted body hair.
  • Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massages.
  • Eyelash tinting.

Vaira’s European Skin Care understands how important it is to feel beautiful, inside and out. That’s why Vaira’s approach is based on holistic skin care practices that promote beauty and youthfulness for body, mind, and spirit. To make an appointment or get answers to your beauty questions, call (203) 857-4393 or e-mail Vaira at

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