NEW! Organic Microgreens Detox Collection!

This new line is formulated with Detoxphane, an active ingredient derived from Swiss Cress Sprouts that helps counter the visible effects of pollution, which is dull and aging skin.

New products include:
1. Stone Crop Cleansing Oil – This removes surface debris, restores moisture and brings back balance to the skin.
2. Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoilant – Combats the signs of premature aging with the help of nutrient-rich microgreens, rice flour and adzuku powder.
3. Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment – Lightweight and great for all skin types, this gel cream treatment renews the skin with the help of melt-in jojoba oil beads and nutrient-rich microgreens.

A great choice for those who want to correct their skin! Give us a call at (203) 857-4393 for more information!

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